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Emotion Code- Heart Wall Removal


Sometimes our trapped emotions are lodged in our heart area and they will make a wall to protect your heart from injury; to keep your heart from being totally broken.

A Heart Wall can make you numb to others and make it more difficult for you to feel emotions and connect to others.

When the heart is unlocked not only do you relate better with other people, you generally feel better too! Sometimes depressions are lifted. There is a new joy in your life.

As each person has their Heart Wall removed our world becomes a better place to live in

Emotion Code Therapy


Negative emotions can be trapped in our bodies and interfere with our ability to live our lives fully. Trapped emotions may interfere with the way we relate to others, set goals, make decisions, follow through (or don't) and go through life.

Releasing of trapped emotions can be done distantly while you or your pets are in the comfort of your own home.


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