Our World

Our world has changed dramatically over the past 50-60 years

No longer is our soil, air or water healthy. They are depleted of vital nutrients and have been polluted with chemicals from many sources – whether it’s chemicals from our  industrial plants; chemicals sprayed to contain oil spill fires; chemicals from the airplanes; or the chemtrails that are being sprayed on us almost daily in North America and Europe, to name just two continents.

Even choosing organic food vs. genetically modified (GMO) food does not make the difference it once did because organic foods too have been polluted with chemicals that have been transported in the rain water and the chemicals sprayed on us.

As consumers we need to become even more aware of  labels:

a) the labels of the foods we eat – eg: do they contain mono sodium glutamate (MSG) in its various 25 different forms? Many every day canned soups that we feed our families contain MSG.

b) where does the produce that we buy come from? For example, does it come from parts of the U.S. where we know that chemicals were used to contain the fires of the Gulf of Mexico oil well explosions?

Or does it come from Mexico itself?

Or does it come from Florida, where the chemicals were transported by the prevailing winds?

Or does it come from areas that have high nuclear radiation fallout from Japan, which is not only Japan and its surrounding area.

These toxic chemicals have made their way into our bodies and now we need to help our bodies deal with them. Our livers, kidneys, and lungs are constantly trying to rid us of these toxins and it is an overwhelming job for them.

Our bodies can no longer deal with all the toxins and the stressful lives we live. Our immune systems become weaker and we develop a host of illnesses. Has it ever crossed your mind why we have so many people – young children and older people are dying of cancer these days? What about the increase in Diabetes or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many other immune deficiency diseases that seem to have spread so fast in the past 1 or 2 decades?

Through our skin, our largest organ, we are putting toxins back into our bodies, not only by the cleaning products that we use but also through their affect on our environment – the air we breathe.

With PureU Inc. products there are better and safer alternatives.

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