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No medicine cabinet should be without BonesPlus+!

An Exquisite Blend of: Organic Sweet Almond & Castor Oils, Essential Oils:  Bergamot, Cypress, Frankincense &




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For relief of rheumatism, osteoarthritis, and muscle & joint pain. Massage a small amount into the afflicted area(s).

For treating wounds.

For helping varicose veins. Massage a small amount on the bottom of your feet before retiring to bed, and rub on the varicose veins.

For injury rehabilitation. Massage a small amount into the afflicted area(s).

For helping promote healthy bone growth. Massage a few drops into bottom of feet and area of broken bones.

Helps promote proper liver function. Massage a small amount on the bottom of your feet before retiring to bed.

For relaxing the nervous system. Beneficial for people who have suffered trauma or shock. Rub a few drops into the palms of your hands and inhale the fragrance of BonesPlus+


Store away from heat & light.


60 ml $40.00, 120ml $75.00

  1. admin


    “Got rid of nearly all of my spider veins. This is after 3 weeks. More flexibility in my ankles. Very soothing to my bunions. And the smell is exquisite** DVT, Hamilton,

  2. admin

    ” I have been using BonesPlus+ for about a month and am so happy with the results thus far. Having suffered with arthritis in both hands for a very long time – I was delighted to be able to cut my own finger nails using scissors.” PJS, England

  3. admin

    “Today was a rainy and extremely humid day which usually makes my knee and back ache like a sun of a gun however no pain today. I have used your BonesPlus+ both nights when going to bed. Should i continue tonight, although i am not presently hurting?”
    CL, Montreal, QC

  4. admin

    The Gout Got You?

    In October 2015, I had a kidney infection that caused my gout to return to various parts of my lower body including in both feet with the pain moving from my left big toe to my left ankle and then to my right knee this was continuous with no breaks or relief. The various pain spots were random and ongoing and during the winter months I would have to walk my dog in open sandals and thick socks regardless of the weather outside, even when it snowed as I was unable to wear a pair of shoes or boots.

    The pain was insatiable and my balance was also affected. In mid January, 2016, I was finally able to find a very light pair of running shoes that I had adjusted by a shoemaker to make them wider. This became my footwear of choice for the next three and a half months.

    In April, I was presented with a bottle of Bones Plus+ and I rubbed it on my right knee as at the time this was where my chronic pain was most centered. I was shocked to experience an instant relief and I thought it was psychological as nothing had worked in the past, including prescribed medications, after a number of days I also realized that I should use it on my left ankle and toe as there was also minor on-going nagging soreness in both these areas. To my surprise I experienced the same level of relief in both areas. Although the ailment has not been cured I have been using Bone Plus+ for relief and can wear regular shoes when warranted.

    Prior to my kidney infection running daily was part of my health maintenance routine. I am now able to run again too!

    Thanks Bone Plus+

    PL, Toronto, ON

  5. admin

    “Thank you so much for the oils. They have helped with pulled muscles and tired swollen shoulders for my son and I, respectively.”
    GLH, Lee’s Summit, MO

  6. admin

    Helps Heal Bones Faster!

    Friday July 15th – “Your BonesPlus+ is coming to extra good use as I broke my middle toe on my left foot. Very painful. Broke it on Wednesday and have worked 2 double shifts and a 6 hour shift today. Could hardly walk on Wednesday however I iced the toe, took ibuprofen for the pain and applied your oil 2 twice a day. Remarkably my toe is healing very well. So grateful.”

    Monday, July 18th – ” the healing time is probably 60% faster than normal. This is not the first toe that I have broken, normally (for me) the healing time is anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the fracture and which toe. It has not yet been a week yet and I am pretty sure that it will be completely healed by this upcoming weekend.” CL, Montreal

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