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    “My silver jewelry is just sparkling and it takes no energy, no polishing and re-polishing, just apply, let dry, rinse off and rub to dry with a clean cotton cloth et voila. The interesting thing about when you use the PureShine, is my jewelry shines much longer than with a store bought brand. Plus I am one of those people who wear my bracelets and don’t take them off (at all) for months so that means that I even shower with them on. Usually the shower soap/gel will dull the shine after a while but it doesn’t happen when I use the PureShine. Both my great grandfathers were fine jewelers, so I come from a line of jewelers. People who buy silver cleaners like *Birks* brand are totally wasting their money.

    Another plus when I use your PureShine is a little odd but true. When I am applying the PureShine I don*t mind when it gets on my hands. Sometimes my finger joints swell from arthritis. When I let the PureShine dry on my fingers and don’t wash my hands for 15 minutes, the next day I notice that the swelling has gone down 50-85%. I kid you not. I don’t ask why, I just appreciate the extra benefit. Weird eh?”                                             C.L. Dorval QC

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